Daily #100: Daily #100

Well, I reached 100 posts! Yeah, I didn’t do it perfectly (as I just forgot a post the other day), and I took a break for my holiday, but regardless, I’ve written almost solidly for 100 days. 500 words a day at least. Here’s what I’ve learned: It’s bloody hard. I thought that 500 words […]

Daily #99: Tough conversations

I nearly forgot again! I’m still getting back into the swing of things after my holiday, and I keep forgetting to get this blog done. Today was fine – in fact, work went really quickly, so it was nice to feel like I wasn’t there for too long. After work, we tried a new noodle […]

(Not so) Daily #98: Unplanned intermission

Well, it was bound to happen at some point – I forgot to blog yesterday. I didn’t really have a good reason for it – I had a good few hours where I just lazed around in bed. In the afternoon, we went shopping for a dress, which I then wore for an evening out. […]

Daily #97: Breakfast burrito

A big part of the cruise was the fact that almost all of the food offerings were free and unlimited. It was mostly served buffet-style, so you could go up and plate your own food, or staff would give you a plate for you. For example, my partner indulged heavily in an unlimited burger bar […]

Daily #96: Flash fiction #3

Another competition entry! This time, I placed second in the competition, which I’m really happy about. I enjoyed writing this piece as I could personally identify with it, to an extent. The prompt this week was “write a story about a seed growing in an unlikely place”. Hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome.

Daily #94: Normal service

I’m back! First things first, I was correct to take a break for my holiday. During the trip, there were multiple days when I wouldn’t have been able to get a blog post out, and I would have resented myself for it. So, being the unprepared person that I was (with no posts lined up), […]

Daily #93: Conscious decision

Firstly, my phone displayed the post I did yesterday as posted four days ago. I didn’t realise this – I definitely published it yesterday. It posted the date as the 10th as that’s when I started drafting it. Secondly, I’m writing this on my phone for reasons I’m about to explain, so apologies in advance […]

Daily #92: Support main

I play support in pretty much every game that has a support class. In MMOs I’m the cleric or paladin, bravely protecting my teammates from harm, or sorting them out after or during a tough fight. In shooters I’m the field medic, begrudgingly crawling to downed teammates and getting them back in the game. In […]

Daily #91: Switch lite

I had quite an uneventful day today. I did make sure to go back to work – primarily because I have plenty to do before I go away next week. I’m finding somewhat that people have started asking me to do things that fall a little outside of what I believe to be my jurisdiction, […]

Daily #90: Day off

I’m sick day two: electric boogaloo! I decided to take the day off today, as I felt like a zombie this morning, and knew I wasn’t going to be fit to do any work. In the interests of actually achieving something in the remainder of this week, I didn’t want to push myself too hard. […]

Daily #89: Bad timing

I went to bed early last night because I had a bit of a sore throat. I assumed it was because of the shouting I’d done while I was out the night before. Unfortunately, it seems I’ve caught a cold – less than a week before I’m scheduled to fly to San Juan. Excellent. I […]

Daily #88: Attention span

I’ve realised recently that my attention span is abysmal. It seems to be a general trend in recent years. With things like smartphones being able to serve the information one wants almost instantly, as well as all companies trying their hardest to bring people their goods, food or services faster than their competitors, it’s only […]

Daily #87: Flying away

Soon, this blog, and my Instagram, will become a bit of a travel blog. That’s because I’m going on holiday in a week! I haven’t been abroad since summer last year, when we went to Alicante for a surprise one-night trip. As far as ‘proper’ holidays go, I went to Vienna in August 2018. We […]

Daily #86: Comfort zone

I’ll be honest: there are many different things that this title could refer to. I’m someone with many comfort zones, and I like to stay firmly inside them wherever I can. Despite that, I’ve breached the walls of many of my comfort zones in the last six months: I started posting my writing online, and […]

Daily #85: Drink water

This is a reminder – you probably need to drink more water. Take a second to grab a glass, or refill your water bottle. I’ll wait. I love water. It makes up about 95% of what I drink. The rest is either fruit juice, hot chocolate, or alcoholic drinks on occasion. The main reason for […]

Daily #84: Back pain

The first thing I did this morning was some yoga. I woke up, and instead of spending the following 30 minutes in bed mindlessly browsing my phone like I usually do, I brought up a yoga video on my phone and followed it for the same amount of time. It’s not the first time I’ve […]

Daily #83: Self-confidence

I, like many other people, struggle and have struggled with my self-confidence. I don’t think there are many people out there that haven’t thought they’re not good enough at one point or another. It’s a fickle thing, I’ve found. One moment, you’re ready to face anything. You’re happy with how you are, what you look […]

Daily #82: From home

Today I got to officially work from home for the first time. It was quite simple really – I was suddenly asked to write two high-volume pieces (ebooks) with only a couple of weeks notice. Wanting to get them out of the way, I just asked my boss if I could take today as a […]

Daily #81: Flash fiction #2

Another fortnight, another Writer’s Block competition entry! This entry was a bit different, as I didn’t have as much time to prepare it. I instead chose to go with a lighthearted piece that I could finish quickly. The prompt was “the second time”. Enjoy!

Daily #80: In the family

I fancy myself a writer, and now I do content writing as a job. My mum is also a writer, and being around her has given me quite a lot of lessons on the reality of being in a creative field. The first time I realised writing was something she did was when she presented […]

Daily #79: Left handed

Today, as the title suggests, I’m going to discuss being left-handed. By the way, I’m writing this in a rush as I’m going out tonight, so apologies in advance if there are errors. I am part of the approximately 10% of people worldwide who are left-handed. I don’t do everything with my left hand – […]

Daily #78: Spiritual successor

Today, I’m going to discuss a game which I’m looking forward to quite a lot. It’s called Hytale, developed by Hypixel Studios. It’s gained quite a following since it posted its announcement trailer back in December 2018. I was always a big Minecraft player, having been quite deeply embroiled in the multiplayer scene since I […]

Daily #77: New look

You might have noticed that the appearance of the blog has changed. After revamping the look of my desk on the weekend, I figured my online space could use a similar treatment. I host this blog on WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. They’re different, I swear! WordPress.org involves downloading an open-source version of WordPress, and finding somewhere […]

Daily #76: Chocolate brownies

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d just ramble about one of the best creations of humankind (in my opinion). The above treat is my absolute favourite sweet thing on the planet. There’s something about a chocolate brownie that cannot be beaten. It’s the perfect marriage between chocolate cake and chocolate fudge, and […]

Daily #75: Genre-agnostic

Today I’m going to discuss why I don’t have a tagline at the top of my blog stating: “This is a blog about _____”. If you take a minute to look through my posts, you’ll find that there is no real theme. Of course, there are things I discuss more than others, such as my […]

Daily #74: Thirty thousand

Today, I’m going to start off by inserting two pictures. Here is the first: As you can see, it’s a screenshot of a Google Document showing thirty thousand words. It happens to contain the first draft of my novel. And here is the second image: This is a screenshot from the ‘Insights’ page of the […]

Daily #73: Up and away

Today, I managed to finally sort out my desk. We needed to go to B&Q (a large hardware/home store) to get a table leg for our new table, so since we had some IKEA shelves lying around that I’d bought a while ago, we added some screws to the list so we could put it […]

Daily #72: Flash fiction #1

Today’s post is going to be a piece I wrote for the last competition in the Writer’s Block community! I really enjoyed writing this piece, and explored a topic I’ve discussed before in this blog. I think some day I’d like to publish a short story, but I’m going to keep practicing the craft before […]

Daily #71: Zoom zoom

At work, the car park we were contracted to use has ceased giving corporate contracts, so we now park in another nearby car park. Nearby being about a five-minute walk away from the old one. Which was about a five-minute walk away from our office. So now, once I’ve parked my car, there’s about a […]

Daily #70: Vroom vroom

Today I’m going to talk about how much I hate driving. A lot, is the answer. I learned to drive when I was 18. In the UK, you can officially get your licence at 17, and you can drive prior to that for the purposes of learning how to. At 17, I had no interest […]

Daily #69: Inferiority

Let me just start with: nice. (Sorry, I had to.) I’ll be writing this one quite quickly, as I’m running out of time in the day and have more to do. Today, I had a conversation with my partner about where we are, and how I occasionally get feelings of inferiority compared to him. This […]

Daily #68: Out there

Until I started this blog, I had never really put myself ‘out there’. In a creative endeavour, there is much that is lost when you don’t share your work with others. For years, I hid in my own little hidey-hole, writing bits and bobs. Since nobody ever saw what I created, I was never held […]

Daily #67: Lot to do

I’ve had a decently productive day, for a Sunday. After an unexpectedly late night in which my partner asked for a lift home from his adventures at around two in the morning, I still managed to be out of bed by 10:30. I proceeded to watch a few more episodes of Sex Education, we got […]

Daily #66: New things

What is it about brand new stuff that humans find so appealing? For the record, I certainly include myself in this group. When the object you’re holding is new to the world, shiny and fresh, you can’t help but feel a sense of triumph and satisfaction. A new phone, for instance. There’s nothing wrong with […]

Daily #65: Weathering With You: A Review

Another movie review! As I enjoyed writing my review of Parasite so much, I thought I’d give this one a go, too. I saw this on Wednesday this week, and was very excited about it. Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko) is the newest film by director Makoto Shinkai. Shinkai is well-known for his 2016 […]

Daily #64: Contradiction

Yesterday, I had yet another positive cinema experience; once again contradicting my post about how I don’t like the cinema. I’m on a roll! The films I went to see were Your Name and Weathering With You, both directed by Makoto Shinkai. I’ve seen Your Name before, as it was released in 2016, but Weathering […]

Daily #63: Buying beer

Today I’m doing something new: writing from a prompt. I’ve done a few prompt responses in the past, but never on this blog! Just some forewarning – I’m writing this yesterday as I’ll be busy all evening tonight. Also, I’ve done very minimal planning for this so it is essentially a freewriting exercise. This prompt […]

Daily #62: Glitter conspiracy

I’m going to follow in the footsteps of a number of YouTube channels recently that create their ‘content’ by trawling Reddit for other people’s content. While I’m not sinking that low, I’ll be referencing a Reddit thread from a little while ago which intrigued me. This is the thread in question. I’ll explain as best […]

Daily #61: Talking stones

Due to multiple things going on today, I won’t be able to post the blog I was intending to. Instead, I’ll include the opening of one of my older projects. I enjoyed writing this idea, and I think at some point I’d like it to become a story-based game.

Daily #60: Hair goals

I was going to say something about how this is my 60th post as it’s double what my original record was, but then I realised that each 10 days I hit doesn’t mean too much anymore. And the fact that that is the case, I think, exemplifies how far I’ve come. As I make more […]

Daily #59: Busy day

I had an unexpectedly busy day today – which is why this post is being published so late. This is the closest I’ve come to forgetting about it. One thing that wasn’t unexpected was the fact that I was again heading to where my parents live, so I could get my hair done. I am […]

Daily #58: Parasite: A Review

As I stated yesterday, I’m going to start doing some more ‘constructive’ content, based on things I’ve seen recently or in the past. Today, I watched the 2019 film Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho. I’ll be including non-spoilers above the line, and spoilers below it. Parasite is a Korean movie, and centres around a poor […]

Daily #57: At it again

Dailies #33 and #34 were about the media preying on nostalgia. Another example appeared today, which my partner was very excited to show me: the announcement of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch. I never played it, but it appears it was a fan-favourite game which released in 2006. Again, while everybody is happy […]

Daily #56: On the road

The title of this blog sounds like I’m a spontaneous young person going on their travels, but it’s really not that exciting. I wrote this post yesterday, as I’m going to be busy this evening. I’ve always had an issue with one of my ears, so much so that I needed surgery when I was […]

Daily #55: Back to it

I’ve got a few bits of news today – firstly, our friends were accepted for that flat they viewed, and they should be moving in at the beginning of February. I’m really happy for them, and look forward to seeing their flat! Secondly, I officially passed my three-month probation for my new job today. Of […]

Daily #54: Electric misconceptions

So, big news – my partner’s ordered a Tesla! He actually ordered it on Christmas Eve as a present to himself. We’d previously discussed the financial impacts of the purchase, but I’m happy with it – he can handle it easily and has plenty left over each month. Lucky him! He’s been smitten with the […]

Daily #53: Turn-based

Today, my partner, our friend and I finally got around to playing some more of a game we haven’t played in six months. The game is Divinity: Original Sin 2, and it’s an tabletop-style RPG with turn-based combat. I can safely say it’s one of the best RPG games I’ve ever played. Decisions you make […]

Daily #52: Breakfast

I went out for breakfast today, which was nice. I had a vegetarian plate, and since my partner doesn’t like eggs, I got to eat his too. Our friends were there too, and they went to view a flat right after breakfast which they loved. Hopefully they’ll be joining us in the world of independent […]

Daily #51: Meat-free

I did end up going to KFC to try their vegan chicken burger – it was pretty tasty! To be honest, given the descriptions of KFC’s legendary 11 spice coating I’ve received from other people, I was a little disappointed that the batter covering the Quorn chicken just tasted kind of salty. I’ve never eaten […]