Daily #18: Spontaneity

For today, I think I’ll recount a time where I, for once, was spontaneous.

I’m a planner. I like to know what I’m going to do, and plan everything in the run up to it so there’s nothing to worry about when it happens. It provides a good counterbalance to my partner’s impulsive tendencies – which happen to be the cause of my spontaneity.

When I say I was spontaneous, it was actually my partner. I just (begrudgingly) went along with it. It was a bank holiday weekend, and I went to sleep on Saturday night at around 1am – only to have an alarm going off in my ear at 5am. Assuming it was an inconvenient alarm, I heard my partner turn it off and went back to sleep. Only to hear the words:

“Uh… I booked a holiday. You need to get up.”

So, after I’d gone to bed the night before, he’d decided we’d be spontaneous, and enjoy our youth – by jetting off to Alicante, Spain for one night. And I was given an hour to pack my bag. At first, I was vehemently against it: I’d resigned myself to a quiet bank holiday, and now we’d be busy the whole time; who would look after the lizard; we had a meal planned with my partner’s parents the following day; the list went on. I even got a little upset, although I eventually agreed when he said he’d paid for the trip out of his own pocket.

We headed to the airport; he’d fortunately chosen the one only a 40-minute drive away from our house. We hopped on the plane, and flew off to sunny Spain.

As we were only staying for one night, we had to cram everything in. I had never heard of Alicante, so I quickly researched what to do on my phone. It mainly included eating, going to the beach, and visiting a fort. So that’s what we did!

The fort in Alicante was incredible. It’s on the top of a huge cliff, and you can get to it by walking all the way into the cliffside and taking a lift to the top for around 5 Euro. It gives you a stunning view over the beach and city – I recommend it! It’s also a great place to cool down on a hot day – there’s a strong breeze blowing.

There was also plenty of food to be eaten, with tapas and paella galore. We rushed through it all, having only one day to enjoy it.

To top it all off, my partner had booked us into an incredible Airbnb. It was someone’s villa, complete with swimming pool and grand piano. I’ve added some pictures below. It really added a touch of luxury to the trip, and a private pool was something I never knew I needed while being away.

A pool with a view

If you have the means, I would recommend taking a one night trip somewhere. Fly early, and return late – you’d be surprised how much you can get done in under 48 hours.

To part, I’ll leave you with a view from the villa in the evening we spent there.

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