Daily #24: Sofa bed

Today’s a diary day! Simply because my best laid plans went completely awry, and it all worked out in the end.

My original plans for Friday and Saturday were quiet – I intended to stay in for Friday evening as my partner was out with friends, get an early start on Saturday (for a weekend) and head to Bristol in the afternoon to pick up some things. My partner was originally going to be out until 5am, which is when the event he was attending would be finishing. This was also in Bristol.

So, after spending the evening reading, I was about to turn in when my partner called me at 11pm, asking for a lift home. I refused, based on the fact that he was currently around 45 minutes away, it’s the middle of the night, and I’m not the most confident driver. I offered to pay half his taxi fare instead.

He turned up at home about an hour later, and proceeded to puke his guts out. In anticipation of the event, he’d managed to consume far too much alcohol far too fast, and ended up not going at all. I was fine with it – it meant he was home, although he was barely coherent. His two friends had stayed at the event, and we both went to bed around 12:30am.

At around 7am the next morning, we were wrenched from sleep by my partner’s phone going off – it was one of his friends. He rejected the call and went to the toilet, but shortly after it rang again. I picked it up.

Said friend had just arrived home after spending an hour on the train, and taken a taxi to his flat, only to realise at his door that he had lost his keys. After spending half an hour unsuccessfully trying to break in to his own residence (which we commented should be something of a comfort), he called hoping we’d be able to give him somewhere to sleep.

So, by 7:30am my partner and I were bundled into my car, him solidly in the jaws of a hangover. He managed to direct us to his friend, who was dolefully sat on a wall outside his flat building. We brought him back to our house, gave him water, and both men promptly started vomiting into our toilets. It was a symphony. I dosed them up with paracetamol and they both fell asleep for a few hours, while I stayed awake.

My partner’s friend was dreading taking the train back into Bristol to hopefully find his keys. Fortunately, as I mentioned, we were already planning to go to Bristol that day; so after making sure everyone was fit to travel, we all headed off. This is the part where it all worked out in the end – my partner and I did the shopping we needed to, while his friend went to find his keys – and was successful (much to our surprise)!

I enjoy having guests round – when they’re not my parents. Today reminded me that we still do not have our third bedroom furnished yet – which I intend to turn into a guest room. We intend to use our Christmas leave to make headway on that.

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