Daily #29: General election

Being a Brit, the above topic is all anybody is going to be finding news about today (understandably). However, I’m not going to discuss that here. For one, I’m not somebody who follows politics closely. I did vote today, but I will not be disclosing who for. Discussing politics, especially British politics in the current climate, can send one in to murky waters populated with unsavoury characters and shouty people, and I certainly do not feel like dipping my toes in.

Instead, I think today I’ll talk about an important being in my life – my dog, Lucky. How about something cute?

Lucky is an English Springer Spaniel, and while I call him my dog, he belongs to my parents. I sadly haven’t lived with him since I moved out, but that means he is all the more happy to see me when I visit. I got him when I was 9; he’s now 11, so in his senior years. Here he is:

At that age, as most children do, I’d been gently suggesting we get a dog for a number of years. While my parents were against it, my mum in fact really wanted a dog too, and they began to consider the idea. Just before I turned 9, I had to have surgery, and was promised a puppy as a reward for being brave. Thus, Lucky joined our family.

Of course, I’d earnestly insisted that I would take the dog for walks, feed him, and otherwise care for him. Fortunately, my parents had no misconceptions – they knew I wasn’t going to take on that responsibility. I helped for a little while, but soon lost interest in that side of things.

But I never lost my love for him. I adore that dog. I’m aware that everyone says this, but he is honestly one of the kindest and most gentle dogs on the planet. Once, a family friend was visiting with their 18-month-old child. Upon encountering Lucky, he promptly stuck his thumbs into the dog’s eyes. While most dogs would have barked, or even retaliated agressively, Lucky simply pulled back and sat up, out of reach of the boy’s hands. It has never occurred to him that he’s capable of hurting anyone.

He is also one of the dopiest dogs you’ll ever meet. When Lucky was around 6 years old, my parents rescued a Jack Russell as a companion for him. It was only then I realised how intelligent dogs could be; the new puppy figured out cause and effect very quickly, and trained my parents to give him treats after it worked the first time. Lucky had barely grasped a few basic tricks as a puppy, but it had taken weeks of lessons to even get to that point.

One of my favourite things about him is that if you hold a treat in front of him, he will rapidly cycle between the three tricks he knows, as one of them will win him the prize – he just doesn’t know which one yet.

He’s a senior dog now; he has arthritis in his knees, and has gone almost completely deaf. Despite this, he still enjoys a walk through the park, and is full of the same love he always was. I hope we get many more years with him, and this blog will probably include much more of him in the future.

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