Daily #30: Little things

As you can see, today I hit 30 daily blog posts in a row, consecutively. It marks the most continuous writing I’ve ever done.

For many people, that might not seem like a great feat – but for me, it marks a change in my mindset that made this commitment possible. Previously, I’d only managed around 20 days of consecutive writing. A combination of my new job, and a subsequent change in how I thought of my own work has made it surprisingly easy.

In sticking to an introspective style, rather than an informal, diary style, I’ve been able to turn this blog into a tool for myself. As I mentioned in my first post, the purpose of this exercise isn’t to gain followers, or appeal to a mass audience – it’s for me.

When I need to write 500 words about (mostly) a single topic, I need to be thorough in putting my thoughts down, and reflect fully about my chosen subject. I’ve uncovered a number of topics I had sitting in my mind, waiting to be expressed. It also helped me get my thoughts in order.

The fact that, in the last paragraph, I wrote ‘need’ in regards to writing 500 words a day, exemplifies that my self-discipline has gone through the roof in the last month. By this point, I’d feel like I’d forgotten something if I didn’t write those 500 words, and nobody’s telling me to do that but me.

However, while it has mostly been easier than I thought, it’s not a piece of cake. Going from writing 0 words a day to 500 words a day has been quite a change, and I sometimes have to stretch my work to reach that goal. There were also a couple of days in which I didn’t have time to write, but I’m letting myself get away with those as I was on a trip. I still ensured I posted enough words on those days, with older creative pieces, but I have since made an effort not to rely on that backup method.

Thinking of topics has been the hardest part, which is why some of my posts have been a little erratic and random. But honestly, I’m proud of them all, as they collectively achieve something I’ve not done before.

Ironically, I’m not even writing right now. I wrote this post last night as I’m currently enjoying the Christmas party thrown by my new workplace. Hopefully, I’m having fun, as it has an open bar – something that my previous job didn’t have the budget for. It’s less than two weeks until Christmas, so it’s a good time to start getting into the spirit (and spirits) of the season.

Finally, I’ve realised this post sounds like this is the last blog I’ll be posting, which is far from the truth. I intend to keep writing, whatever it may be. My next target is 50, then 75, then 100 – I’ll see how long I can keep it going for. I do still intend to expand it into flash fiction, and have some plans for gaming-related content. I also enjoyed doing my book review recently, so I’ll be providing more of that too – bring on the next 30 days!

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