Daily #32: Small victories

The above title could refer to any number of things, but today it refers to the fact that my partner and I have finally begun tackling the unpacking of our belongings.

We moved into our house six months ago. Our flat was a two-bedroom, but our house is a three-bedroom, so we moved boxes into the third bedroom so they were out of the way. A part of me regrets doing that, as there they have stayed until today. Other than occasionally dipping into the bags and boxes for belongings, they’ve remained untouched.

This week was a little different too, as my partner was ill – which doesn’t happen often. As such, I lost all motivation to keep the house in order, and dirty plates and clothes were piling up, unwashed. Today, we felt a little better (I am still reeling somewhat from Friday), so we set to cleaning up and unpacking the boxes.

I have a frustrating relationship with cleaning. My brain sees it as a waste of time, so will often put it off until the house is in such a state it can’t be ignored. However, once we finished clearing and cleaning the kitchen, we both felt much better about it all. As well as looking and smelling great, we find it puts us in a positive headspace. We always appreciate a clean house, but rarely put the effort in to get it there.

Since we both work full-time, there are a limited amount of hours in the day. When I get home, the last thing I want to spend time doing is cleaning or clearing up. We’re looking into getting a cleaner to visit twice a month, to just keep up with the areas we don’t usually get to, such as deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. But having a stranger enter our house while we’re at work doesn’t appeal to us – so it looks like we’re continuing as we are for now.

While I was at the party, I got to have a (rather intoxicated) chat with my (rather intoxicated) colleague. He’s written and self-published a novel, which I’m hoping to do next year, so we talked about our ideas and what things he liked and disliked about his end product. His work is also the ‘inspiration’ of sorts for this blog. He mentioned he’d been blogging daily for around 5 years. I found this impressive, and thought ‘I want to be able to say that, too’. Thus, I began posting.

As you might have noticed, I’m beginning to struggle to reach my target word count. This was something my colleague mentioned – he started off writing 500 words a day, but soon reduced it. However, his blog is a diary style rather than discussion-style, like mine, so I understand some days just do not produce 500 words of content. At this point, I refuse to reduce my target – so anyone who reads these will just need to become used to the occasional waffling necessary to reach it. But if I’m writing it, then it’s still practice.

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