Daily #39: Lazy, unrelated

Yet again, I’ve left this obligation too late in the day. It’s been quite busy; I spent the morning recovering from yesterday evening’s get-together, we then went out for a meal, and discussed finances in the evening. It appears there’ll be exciting developments in our household soon!

Therefore, I’ve dug up another older piece I wrote when I did writing for video game worlds. As per the ‘Gods’ piece, it’s quite heavy in the fantasy elements, but I thought it was imaginitive. Enjoy.

After slaying the great dragon and gaining its power, Malythas set to the gargantuan task of documenting his magic in the Ulendrum. This was to take many years, as his knowledge of the arcane was so great.

Writing the tome itself proved to be a tedious task. Malythas often struggled to keep his focus; his mind wandered at every page, and his pace slowed, jeopardising his ability to finish the Ulendrum before he was found out by his brother. Self-wrought distractions plucked at his mind, and his patience; his inability to stick to his task drove him into terrible fits of destructive rage. The pressure of his task loomed over him in his every waking moment, but he still was not able to muster the resolve to increase his pace.

After many months of this, Malythas had had enough. Calling upon the very magic he was authoring, he used his rage to tear his own distraction and lack of focus from his mind. All of his mischief and discord went with it – his aim being to increase his writing pace tenfold. Without these hindering forces, he would be able to finally finish the Ulendrum.

Malythas’ ancient mind held much of this mischievous force. So much so, that once removed, it was able to manifest itself into a separate entity. She called herself Toq, and was allowed to remain in Brimrock on the condition that she never disturb Malythas. 

She adhered to his rule, but pushed the boundaries of others – as the manifestation of a Harbinger’s chaotic tendencies, her only aim was to send others into disarray. She plagued the demons and creatures of Brimstone, causing accidents, incidents and frustration. She did not care for the lives of others; she did this only for her own amusement.

Toq remained in Brimrock throughout the banishing of Malythas, becoming a source of entertainment for him once he had completed the Ulendrum and left it in the Overworld. She was his only solace from his solitary existence, and he hers; she was shunned by the other creatures which inhabited Brimrock. They remained together until Malythas was able to take control of the cultists’ minds, and the breach was opened. Toq took the opportunity to escape into the Overworld, leaving Malythas to his battles.

Once free, Toq was subtle in her actions. She did not want the inhabitants of this new world to know of her existence. She interfered in unnoticeable ways: breaking an archer’s bowstring; widening the chink in a warrior’s armour; poisoning a village’s harvest. She remained indifferent throughout the Battle of the Burning Isle, and avoided being pulled back into Brimrock at the close of the battle. The mischievous spirit remains in the Overworld, meddling with humanity’s efforts at rebuilding their nation.

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