Daily #49: Second wind

I completed my blog quite early yesterday, and to my surprise, I wasn’t done writing. In fact, completing it early gave me time to get right (write) in to other work.

Although it was new year’s eve last night, I didn’t use it as an excuse to go out. I’m happy to go to a party at someone’s house to celebrate the new year, but I don’t see the need to go out in town. Everybody’s out at the same time, and it feels a little like ‘forced fun’. Therefore, I was at home with my partner. Of course, the friends we usually play games with were celebrating the new year, so it was a quiet evening.

As I’d already finished my blog, I decided to take a crack at writing the next chunk of my novel. And lo and behold, I managed 2,000 words in one sitting! While this may be a daily occurrence for some people, it is probably the most creative work I’ve managed to write in one day. In setting goals for my word count, I’m able to feel like I’ve accomplished something before getting to the end of the draft.

One thing I noticed is that when I write in volume, the quality of my work declined. It’s not something I’ve encountered before, and it was a bit strange re-reading different sections of my draft and seeing the difference between them. My instinct is to go through the most recent parts and rewrite them, but I’m fighting it. I’ll leave the ‘going-over’ until I’m completely finished, and have many more words under my belt. That way, when I look at it again, I’ll have a better understanding of exactly what’s wrong with it.

A resource that’s really been helping me recently is a Discord server called Writer’s Block (get to it from their Twitter). It’s made up of thousands of people who enjoy writing in every form. The community’s purpose is to discuss and encourage writing projects, with the aim of completing them. It’s fun to take part in anonymous conversation about so many different projects, and there are also plenty of professionals taking part. I’d recommend it if you have something you’re working on, as sharing your ideas and progress can be really motivating.

I called this blog “Second Wind” due to yesterday’s progress, but I’ve been gradually adding to my draft for the last month or so. It’s been fairly slow in the grand scheme of things, but for me, progress has been steady and the draft is still growing. I’m also finding that I just want to write more of it. However, I still don’t think I can commit to writing the novel every day. I’d rather take a break for a couple of days than force myself to write when I don’t have the mindset for it.

In other, completely unrelated news, KFC have announced they’ll be releasing a vegan chicken burger nationwide tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to give it a small review in tomorrow’s post!

3 thoughts on “Daily #49: Second wind

    • I tried it today too eventually! As someone who’s never had KFC chicken before, I was expecting a lot more flavour in the batter based on what other people have said. That said, it was tasty, and nice to be able to get a decent amount of food with my partner. I opted for the rice as a side instead of fries, which is alright.
      I was thinking about the ethical issues with supporting a business such as KFC in buying their vegan burger – and the irony in that – but I’m also welcoming the influx of options for those who choose not to eat animal products 🙂


      • The way I see it is, ideally KFC will start to sell less chicken.
        I doubt I’m going to go back to eating at KFC. But I’m glad veganism is now mainstream and if KFC are stocking options it means that big companies are paying attention.

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