Daily #52: Breakfast

I went out for breakfast today, which was nice. I had a vegetarian plate, and since my partner doesn’t like eggs, I got to eat his too. Our friends were there too, and they went to view a flat right after breakfast which they loved. Hopefully they’ll be joining us in the world of independent living soon!

I’m interested to see how they fare. When my partner and I moved out, we had no idea what to expect – we’d lived together in his parents’ house for a month, and spent the odd week on our own when our families were away, but nothing to this scale. Our relationship got stronger as we were forced to work together to keep our new household from falling apart. Admittedly, we’re not that great at running a house. With both of us working full time, deep cleaning and garden care have fallen by the wayside a little.

Our friends have historically not been particularly good money managers, but they both earn good wages now, so we’re hoping it’ll be enough to see them through. Once they get a taste for what it’s like to live independently of one’s parents, I believe they’ll do whatever it takes to avoid needing to move back home. At least we’ll have somewhere else to hang out with them other than our house now.

It’s nice to feel like I’ve been productive. For a long time, any holidays and long weekends made me feel like I should be doing something. Of course, they’re meant to be breaks from work, so it’s okay not to do anything, but I always held some guilt about not having achieved anything in the downtime. In these two weeks, I’ve continued the blog (obviously), made a good start on my novel, and become active in a really helpful and engaging community.

My partner’s always been someone who is able to work on his own projects outside of work, but I’ve never been able to stick to things. My current motivation is driven by stubbornness. And until recently, rather than admiring his work ethic, I was just jealous of it. He was exploring new areas, trying out and learning new skills, and I was stuck doing the same thing every day.

I think my mindset has changed enough that I no longer feel okay with not doing some writing before the day is over. Whereas I previously would be happy to sit down and play a game all evening, if I try and do that now my brain doesn’t want to concentrate on it. As much as I enjoy games, I count this as a win!

My goal is to finish a first draft of my novel, and as I’m going along, my “what to change in the second draft” list is ever-growing. This should give me some momentum for when I do finish. I hope that future-me doesn’t abandon the project the moment I finish the first draft – I want it to be more than that!

Apologies as this blog was a bit eclectic. Heading back to the draft now!

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