Daily #53: Turn-based

Today, my partner, our friend and I finally got around to playing some more of a game we haven’t played in six months.

The game is Divinity: Original Sin 2, and it’s an tabletop-style RPG with turn-based combat. I can safely say it’s one of the best RPG games I’ve ever played. Decisions you make as your character actually change the course of the game, and your character can take on traits based on your actions. It truly embodies the ‘role-playing’ aspect of the genre.

The story is as riveting as the combat – a tale of intrigue in a magical fantasy setting, with warring factions and a volatile force threatening to destroy the world. The combat is turn-based strategy. The bar of spells you can cultivate for your character is reminiscent of real-time combat MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, but instead your party takes it in turns to cast their spells.

Action points define what you can cast, and you and the enemies can use the terrain and surfaces to your advantage – such as setting a patch of oil on fire with a flame spell. The enemy AI is impressive, and we often encounter fights that we need to attempt multiple times to win. It’s a game of maths and memory which gives you time to think before you act.

We were playing through it in the summer, but we were rudely interrupted by my partner and I moving house. The break in our playing meant we got out of the habit, and accidentally left the game behind despite us really enjoying it. As it’s a couple of years old now, it’s often on sale – I’d fully recommend trying it out if you enjoy the genre.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be returning to work after my two-week break. I’ve had a look at some of the statistics from the two weeks, and I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a lot!

  • Written at least 8,000 words on this blog (probably more like 10,000)
  • Added around 10,000 words to my novel draft
  • Written two separate original short stories

Considering that around a week’s worth of my break was spent visiting family for standard Christmas duties, this is significant progress for me. And importantly, I don’t feel burned out, and didn’t when I was completing this work. As I’ve mentioned multiple times over my last few posts, I look forward to expanding my writing.

I’ll shortly be checking my emails from work, to get an idea of what will be waiting for me when I sit down tomorrow. If I can sort them out before I get there, I’ll feel better about tackling my week. It’s going to be a busy one! Lots of work has had to wait over the holidays but will need to be ready before Friday. The upside is that the other person who deals with content writing has been in over the holidays, so they might have taken some of the pressure off.

Tomorrow’s blog might have a bit of the January blues, depending on how the day goes. Hopefully I’ll have a good time!

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