Daily #54: Electric misconceptions

So, big news – my partner’s ordered a Tesla!

He actually ordered it on Christmas Eve as a present to himself. We’d previously discussed the financial impacts of the purchase, but I’m happy with it – he can handle it easily and has plenty left over each month. Lucky him!

He’s been smitten with the Tesla model 3 since it was announced, and due to its (relatively) affordable price range, it became a feasible goal for him. For reference, the one he’s getting will look something like this:

Image result for red tesla model 3"

Very pretty. He chose red too, which I also like (though I personally prefer the blue). It should be arriving in March. I’m pretty excited too, as I get to be driven around in style and comfort, but don’t have to take on any of the cost.

Other than how cool it is, another thing about Teslas is that they are, of course, fully electric. We watched an interesting video about the environmental impacts of electric cars, and the results surprised us somewhat. It explained that electric cars (due to their batteries primarily) “cost” up to three times as much carbon to manufacture than petrol cars.

They obviously don’t use fuel, but due to their increased manufacturing impact, it can take anywhere from 2-5 years for their lack of fuel consumption to offset the carbon used in forming them. I found it food for thought when you consider that the average lease only lasts for two years.

In other car-related news, I got into mine this morning to head to work, and it wouldn’t start. I got a lift with my partner, and with some luck, determination and a good bit of Googling, we managed to jumpstart my car with his. We were quite proud of ourselves, considering neither of us knows the slightest bit about cars.

Speaking of work, my first day back was quite uneventful. I got the standard fare of asking how the Christmas break was, talking about presents and the like. Someone took down the Christmas decorations that were still up, because it’s apparently “bad luck”. There were thankfully no meetings scheduled for me today, and miraculously, there was no work left over from the break for me to complete in a hurry. I only had 28 emails from the whole two weeks off!

I enjoy the amount of varied work I get at my job. Everyone is friends here, so today I was asked to help the marketing manager’s daughter with her personal statement (on work time). It gave me something to do, and was a fun learning experience considering I’ve never written one myself. It was surprising how much I had to think about who her daughter was as a person to write the statement, despite having never met her! I’m considering using it as a mini-exercise if I want to get a feel for a character I’m writing.

I’m determined to get at least 500 words added to my draft tonight, even if I suffer for the late night tomorrow morning, so I’m going to call this post for now.

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