Daily #55: Back to it

I’ve got a few bits of news today – firstly, our friends were accepted for that flat they viewed, and they should be moving in at the beginning of February. I’m really happy for them, and look forward to seeing their flat!

Secondly, I officially passed my three-month probation for my new job today. Of course, I knew I wasn’t going to be fired, but it’s quite a good moment for me considering how apprehensive I was about starting a new career. I feel like I’ve really got the hang of it, and to be out of the woods (so to speak) is a great feeling.

Although I’m determined to carry on using this blog, it’s hard to quantify the benefits I gain from it. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what I was hoping to gain, but I knew that any writing is good writing. I also wanted to cultivate the habit of committing to something every single day, which I’ve never been able to do effectively before.

But today, in work, I realised the benefit of writing 500-word blog posts each day. As part of my job, I need to write an on-topic blog post for the company blog once a week, which needs to be about 500-1000 words. At first, I struggled to get the words out, and ended up writing each blog the week it was due – not ideal for my stress levels.

However, today I had some spare time, so I started writing a blog for next week to get ahead – and wrote the whole draft in about an hour. Since coming back, as I managed to keep writing throughout the two-week break, I’ve been able to hit word counts far more easily. Writing has become a habit, which has made creating effective copy far easier while I’m in work. This helps me by freeing up time to work on other things and organise and plan my upcoming year effectively.

An update on my car – after successfully jumpstarting it yesterday, I’ve not had any problems today. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to start it again this morning, but it had no such trouble.

I do like my little car (a Skoda Citigo), but I’m considering getting something a bit newer towards the end of this year. I feel like the payments for a lease would be well within my budget, and it would be nice to sit in a newer car. However, what I really like about my current car is that it’s small. Really small. The front of the car is short and stubby, and the back is boxy. As it’s primarily only me in it, I’d want something that’s just as small and nippy, as I find driving stressful. When my partner has to make a tricky manoeuvre in his rather long Audi, I always sit there thinking about how many fewer points my Skoda would have required to turn.

As my parents bought me my car a few years ago (which I’m very grateful for), I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with selling it and pocketing the difference. As my brother turns 17 in October, my tentative plan is to ‘gift’ him my car as a practice car. That way, I can give it back to my parents, and give them a bit of leeway. The car is also very safe and generally reliable, so it makes a pretty good first car.

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