Daily #57: At it again

Dailies #33 and #34 were about the media preying on nostalgia. Another example appeared today, which my partner was very excited to show me: the announcement of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch. I never played it, but it appears it was a fan-favourite game which released in 2006. Again, while everybody is happy about it, it’s another game that is borne from nostalgia. However, my partner seems happy about it, so I’ll let this one slide.

I’ve been thinking once again about what I actually want to use this blog for. While I’m enjoying the stream of consciousness posts that I end up making, I feel like I want to start making more of the daily posts on a specific topic. I’m not going to commit to anything yet, but some ideas I’ve had to change it up are:

  • Reviews of movies, video games, books, anime, and any other media I come across
  • Flash fiction, prompt responses, and creative writing excerpts
  • More of the ‘musing’ – based on my own views and experience but more topic-focused.

The issue with my current posts is that they end up containing a lot of waffle. I sometimes try and bloat the word count because I just can’t think of enough to write (but I’m stubborn). If I were to start doing the above posts, I’d still complete diary-style posts in between them – but by that point I should have enough to talk about to make a post which is interesting.

As I said, nothing’s set in stone yet, and I’m not going to try and make myself do these more in-depth posts when I’m not ready for it. Most likely, I’ll slowly build up a bank of reviews to post when I’d like to free up some time each day. More will come in future posts!

I have something to talk about now, though – I also tried the vegan meatball marinara sandwich from Subway recently. Similarly to KFC, I’ve never tried the meat version of it (though I’ve been to Subway before). It was a pleasant surprise. As I’m not vegan, I opted for dairy cheese rather than the vegan cheese they offer. I also added spinach, and a vegan garlic aioli (which I wholeheartedly recommend). This sandwich was one which I’ve always been jealous of, so it was satisfying to try the tomato sauce. I’m definitely endorsing this one, and in the interest of keeping it on the menu, I will unfortunately have to eat it as much as possible (oh no!)

A bizarre Veganuary attempt I saw the other day was from TGI Fridays, with their grilled watermelon ‘steak’. By the looks of it, it’s a slice of watermelon which has been glazed and seasoned, then grilled and served with chips (fries). A bit strange, but I’ve had grilled watermelon before along with halloumi cheese, so I see where they’re coming from – except they’re charging £13 for it. Therefore, that is one option I won’t be trying.

Getting back to the draft and discussion on Writer’s Block! Will be back again tomorrow!

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