Daily #59: Busy day

I had an unexpectedly busy day today – which is why this post is being published so late. This is the closest I’ve come to forgetting about it.

One thing that wasn’t unexpected was the fact that I was again heading to where my parents live, so I could get my hair done. I am always asked why I travel an hour away from where I live to get a haircut – it’s because I know that this particular salon will do a good job.

When I started high school, my hair was chopped into a very short bob (think above the bottom of the ear), as that was the style I liked at the time. However, instead of keeping it that way, I just started to grow it out, and didn’t stop. Past a point, my self-consciousness was a barrier to me getting my hair cut shorter, as I didn’t want to stand out at school.

A few months after I left school, I got most of my hair cut off and donated it for wigs. That was something I decided to do soon after I decided that I wouldn’t be getting it cut. Once it was chopped, I got blonde put into it, and immediately got a boost of confidence. Without the pressure of school’s social scrutiny, I went back to have the highlights re-done, and at one point I had pink put in it.

So I found myself once again in the same chair today, and after a couple of hours of sitting and getting my scalp yanked about (I have a lot of hair), I was once again shorter-haired and freshly blonde. It seems the stylist was happy with his work, as he asked if he could take photographs for his portfolio – and I wouldn’t say no to a little confidence boost!

After I returned from my little trip, my partner and I visited one of our favourite Italian restaurants, before going to see The Rise of Skywalker. I was a little apprehensive as it didn’t appear to have been received well, but we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a must see for anyone who has seen all of the other Star Wars films, and I feel it rounded off the saga nicely.

We were both curiously less enthusiastic about watching this film than we had been for films 7 and 8 – both of which we made sure to see on opening night. This one, we watched weeks late – which suited us as we got to see it in a near-empty cinema screening. We can’t pinpoint why – perhaps it was because we thought the previous film lacked some of that excitement, or perhaps because it had been so long that we’d lost interest in the interim.

The only time I had in between coming back from my trip, and going out for food, was about 40 minutes long – which just didn’t allow me time to blog. That’s why this was written on my phone, after we arrived back from the cinema. Hopefully I won’t leave it this late again – but I am glad I didn’t forget altogether.