Daily #60: Hair goals

I was going to say something about how this is my 60th post as it’s double what my original record was, but then I realised that each 10 days I hit doesn’t mean too much anymore. And the fact that that is the case, I think, exemplifies how far I’ve come. As I make more and more posts, the notable milestones will grow further and further apart.

I’ve not achieved as much this weekend as I would have liked. While I wanted to add a fair few words to my novel draft on Saturday, my travels and our trip to the cinema took up almost the whole day – so I did nothing (as shown by my very late blog). Today, I spent some time trying out some different makeup looks following the haircut I had. Then we popped out to my partner’s workplace, and grabbed some food. After we got back, his parents visited us, so I was only able to get to work after they left, only a few hours ago.

I understand that life gets in the way, but it doesn’t prevent me from becoming frustrated when I can’t complete everything I want to. Now I’ve started these habits, my brain punishes me a little each time I break them. However, this differs from the mindset I used to have, wherein if I broke a habit for even one day, I’d immediately abandon it. If I could describe it, my discipline assumes that because I’ve missed one day, then it’s perfectly acceptable to miss every subsequent day. And thus the habit dies.

By enforcing an every day rule, it feels easier to me than doing something once a week or every other day. The routine becomes a habit, and I just have to keep momentum to avoid breaking it.

I’ve been reflecting on my appearance today, as tomorrow I’m having a photograph taken at my job. In the last six months, my self-confidence has sky-rocketed. I find myself wanting to take a picture of myself far more often, aiming to capture what I look like in that moment. I can’t recall ever wanting to do that before.

Even more surprisingly, I took a photograph of myself today which I really liked. I didn’t shy away from it, or avoid looking at it. My hair is still partly-styled from yesterday, and I spent a good amount of time doing my makeup just for the fun of it this morning. I’ll be recreating this ‘look’ tomorrow, though my hair will be a bit closer to its natural ‘dead straight’ condition.

It’s a good example of the ‘grass is always greener’ idea – my hair is so naturally straight that most people assume I straighten it every day. I crave volume, waves and curls, but they’re so hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. My friend, on the other hand, has hair that falls into natural waves, so it always looks like it’s been styled – but she says she gets jealous of my low-maintenance straight hair, and gets frustrated trying to force hers to be straight.

I have received some new hair curlers though, so my hair journey might be about to get much easier – but only time will tell.

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