Daily #64: Contradiction

Yesterday, I had yet another positive cinema experience; once again contradicting my post about how I don’t like the cinema. I’m on a roll!

The films I went to see were Your Name and Weathering With You, both directed by Makoto Shinkai. I’ve seen Your Name before, as it was released in 2016, but Weathering With You is being released officially on Friday – it was an early screening. A special double-bill, which I was primarily excited about because Your Name is a film I’ve always wanted to see on the big screen.

To report back: I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it in the cinema, and would recommend that anybody who loves the film see it in that medium too. The moments that are meant to hit hard (such as various explosions and the pen drop) hit even harder, due to full surround sound. The silent moments feel more cloying, and the loud and triumphant moments supplemented by RADWIMPS’s incredible soundtrack really left your heart.

For the record, I did not cry, although I expected I would. However, I definitely teared up, and was close to losing it as the film ended. I believe it was partly because I was surrounded by other people, and also because I was able to anticipate all of the most emotional moments and prepare. I only cried the first time I watched it.

Contrary to my cinema-post, that’s one film off my short list of ‘Films I’d like to see in the cinema’. The other two that are currently still there are Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, and Kyoto Animation’s A Silent Voice. I’ve seen both of these films before, more than once, and like Your Name, would greatly appreciate seeing them in the cinema.

You’ll notice that all of the films on my list were/are anime. I think it’s a few reasons – I’m not a movie person in general (if you can’t tell), so I don’t seek out new films to watch that I would subsequently want to see in the cinema. Anime is an exception to that – like a series, if a movie has good reviews then I’ll check it out. As well as that, the best anime movies are a spectacle, so they gain a lot by being shown on a big screen with full sound. I would say it’s comparable to the latest Avengers movies – it gives you a more intense way to take it all in.

Unfortunately, the films on my list have been released for a number of years, so there’s no guarantee they’ll be showing in cinemas any time soon. Your Name was just a lucky break as I was looking for when Weathering With You was showing. I’d be lucky to find a showing of a film released in 2003 – but I remain positive!

I’ll very soon post a review of Weathering With You, as I feel like I need to reflect on it for my own benefit. I didn’t personally think it was as powerful as Your Name, but it still had some beautiful moments, and felt a lot more real and grounded than Shinkai’s previous film. It was also funny, which always helps.

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