Daily #67: Lot to do

I’ve had a decently productive day, for a Sunday. After an unexpectedly late night in which my partner asked for a lift home from his adventures at around two in the morning, I still managed to be out of bed by 10:30. I proceeded to watch a few more episodes of Sex Education, we got some food and then we finally tackled the bathroom.

I’ve talked before about my partner and I potentially wanting to get a cleaner, as we both work full-time and while we’re fine with the constant chores such as laundry and dishes, we struggle to keep up with cleaning (especially since we both have our own projects which we like to do in our spare time).

Anyway, on Friday I talked to someone at work who used to have a great cleaner in the area, so it looks like we’re going to be going ahead with it. I was ideally looking for a personal recommendation as it’d feel strange having an absolute stranger being able to let themselves into our house. Of course, I don’t assume the worst, but if someone I know has used a cleaner before and can recommend them, we can feel much better about it (but as we saw in Parasite, that comes with its own set of risks!).

So, with this in mind, we looked at our bathroom, which I’m ashamed to say hasn’t undergone a deep clean in a number of months. As we both had some time spare, we tackled it together, and after about an hour of strong-smelling chemicals and elbow grease, we were left with a sparkling bathroom.

Sex Education is a pretty good series. I happened to binge the first season when it came out as I took a day off sick from work, and had nothing to do. It’s an entertaining, light-hearted drama/comedy/romance about the son of a sex therapist starting his own bootleg ‘sex clinic’ in his high school. What I like about it is that while it is ostensibly set in the UK, it seamlessly ties in numerous Americanisms to make it marketable to both audiences. These include the pupils of the school not wearing uniforms, the talking at the lockers, and varsity swimming teams.

Its natural diversity should also be commended, both in the sexuality and ethnicity of the characters. The world feels believable, although a lot of elements are completely unique to the universe it’s in. The way it handles LGBTQ+ issues is sensitive, while also not shying away from the stigma around it. If you’re not bothered by sex, it’s definitely worth a watch and very heartwarming!

My plans for the night are as follows – spend a little time continuing to proof my friend’s novel – I’m about a third of the way through – then continue with my own draft. I hit 20,000 words last night, which is about a quarter of my target word count! I’ve never written anything that’s anywhere near as long as this before, and while it’s daunting, every time I hit a milestone it spurs me forward. I want to have the finished draft ‘in my hands’ in the next few months.

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