Daily #73: Up and away

Today, I managed to finally sort out my desk.

We needed to go to B&Q (a large hardware/home store) to get a table leg for our new table, so since we had some IKEA shelves lying around that I’d bought a while ago, we added some screws to the list so we could put it all up.

As we’re far from experts, what was meant to be one trip turned into two, and we went on an extra trip to Screwfix for good measure. We kept arriving home to find that we didn’t have the right wall plugs, or the right drill bit, which we needed to get started. But get started we did – we first put up our vacuum cleaner charger on the wall (riveting stuff!).

To be honest, my partner and I tend to work quite well together on these DIY projects. While we do occasionally get annoyed with each other, we don’t let it get in the way of what we’re doing; we both know that the sooner we’re finished, the better, so we carry on.

Once we did that, we got the two shelves on the wall. We don’t have a spirit level, so we had to use our judgement to make them as straight as possible – and I think we did a pretty good job! The final piece of the puzzle was an IKEA Skadis pin-board. Once they were done, I got to clearing my desk.

I unfortunately don’t have a ‘before’ picture of my desk, as I was too ashamed to take one. Papers of various importance were stacked on the far left side against the wall, along with all of my hair and face sprays that were toppling over in the corner. A drawer under my mirror was perpetually open as it contained the makeup I use every day, so that took up one half of my desk. Plates and other random bits and bobs took up the rest, creeping onto the right half of my desk which contains my keyboard and mouse.

But after pulling everything off, giving the desk and everything on it a thorough clean, and carefully arranging things on my new shelves and pin-board, I was left with this:

Ain’t it gorgeous?

The pin-board now contains my makeup, and keeps the left side clear for anything other than using the computer. The right side is cleaned up and ready to go, and I love having the shelves above it – it gives it a really cosy feeling! There’s something great about de-cluttering your working space. I always feel really good after doing it, but I still don’t get round to it very much. I’ll be trying to maintain this neatness for as long as I can!

Ironically, we didn’t find a table leg – which is what we set out for in the first place. We’ve decided to order one online instead. Once our new table is up, I’ll put a picture of it here – it’s a custom piece, so we’re pretty excited about it. It’ll probably be up this week, which’ll also mean our living room will be complete!

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