Daily #75: Genre-agnostic

Today I’m going to discuss why I don’t have a tagline at the top of my blog stating: “This is a blog about _____”.

If you take a minute to look through my posts, you’ll find that there is no real theme. Of course, there are things I discuss more than others, such as my writing goals. However, I’ve got posts covering everything from my bearded dragon to flash fiction. It’s been a deliberate decision of mine to not define my blog by a single genre or type. There are a few reasons for this:

The first is that I knew I was going to be writing every single day. Therefore, I wanted to put as few limits on what I wrote as possible, to maximise my avenues of creativity and not make it too difficult for me to get the words down each day. When I first started this blog, 500 words a day was unheard of for me so I made sure I wouldn’t struggle for content or topics. Now it’s become a habit, I still appreciate the ease with which I can think up a post as I have other things on my plate. It allows me to be flexible.

The second reason is because my aim was not to market myself to people. I had plenty of ideas for a blog I could run that would be tailored to an audience, including one about vegetarian food, for example. However, when it got down to it, I realised that I didn’t want to sacrifice being able to write about whatever I wanted for the sake of gaining more followers more quickly. While I value and cherish the views and followers I do get (thank you all), I feel this is mainly because I know that anybody who follows me does it because they like the perspective I write from, rather than the content I write about.

This might also be partly because my day job involves maximising a technical blog’s content to get it to reach as many people as possible – through topic choice, language, and SEO-optimisation. For my personal blog, I wanted to be able to escape the marketing world and create what I wanted.

The third reason is simply because I don’t know what to write about. I enjoy having the freedom of picking a new topic each day, whether that’s a rambling rant about driving, or a thought out movie review of something I’ve just seen and am excited about. I’m able to share flash fiction I’ve written, or just muse about my personal motivations – and since I’m not tied down to a specific genre, none of the posts feel out of place or ‘wrong’ in this setting. In avoiding the urge to build an audience, I’ve made my own little corner of content which I enjoy making, and my readers enjoy regardless of what I’m waffling on about.

I think that just about sums it up. While I insist I’m not marketing myself, check out my Twitter and Instagram! I just post/like/retweet things I find interesting in any area.

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