Daily #77: New look

You might have noticed that the appearance of the blog has changed. After revamping the look of my desk on the weekend, I figured my online space could use a similar treatment.

I host this blog on WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. They’re different, I swear! WordPress.org involves downloading an open-source version of WordPress, and finding somewhere to host it yourself or through another web hosting company. This gives you the advantage of being able to style things exactly as you like, and install themes and plugins to suit your needs. It can also help save on costs as the the hosting plan is just providing the server behind the website, not the website itself.

WordPress.com is WordPress’s own hosting service. You pay a monthly subscription, and you get access to a version of WordPress hosted by them. There are five different plans to choose from, which start at free, then incrementally increase in price and features. Everything is set up ready for you, and can be edited easily using the online portal. However, using WordPress.com limits the styling you can use, and you’re unable to install third-party plugins unless you’re paying for the Business plan (the second most expensive) in the name of security.

I value convenience and I don’t want to be responsible for my own hosting and setup, so I’ve gone with WordPress.com. It means I’m limited with how the blog looks, but I hope that I’ve done a decent job with what I’ve been given (tell me what you think about it!).

But even though it’s got a fresh coat of paint, all my blog content is exactly the same. I’ve freshened up my social links and portfolio page, but all the dailies are still there!

There’s something about changing your surroundings, whether they’re in real life or online, which makes you feel like you have something brand new. Whether it’s tidying up a cluttered room, or changing your desktop background, it gives that sensation of a new start, and has a great effect on your state of mind – at least it does for me.

I’m keeping on track with my latest writing goal – I’m managing 1000 words a day on my draft. I do most of this at work, during my lunch hour, then catch up on the rest at home. I haven’t decided how much I’m capable of on the weekends; I’m aiming for a minimum of 3,000 over the two days of each weekend, but last weekend I managed 6,000. Setting manageable goals is good for two reasons – they’re more feasible to achieve, maximising my positivity and minimising failures.

The other reason it works is that it’s much easier to beat my goals when they’re lower, so that feeling of overachieving comes more often. I think it’s important to set realistic and feasible goals, because if they’re too high and you consistently fail to reach them, you’re going to associate that negative emotion with whatever you’re working on.

On that note, I’m going to finish off my 1,000 words for the day, and go and read some more of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’ll review it once it’s done – it’s my first time reading this one!

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