Daily #81: Flash fiction #2

Another fortnight, another Writer’s Block competition entry! This entry was a bit different, as I didn’t have as much time to prepare it. I instead chose to go with a lighthearted piece that I could finish quickly. The prompt was “the second time”. Enjoy!

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It’s sunset already? Where did I put it? Shit. Okay, phew.

Hey, hon, could you hold on a second? Yeah, I know it’s cold. Won’t be long. Pull your hat down lower or something.

Okay. Uh… here. Just look at it.

Y-Yeah, we’re doing this. Don’t laugh. Please? I just want to talk a sec. They’ll be fine, they’re fine. They won’t go anywhere.

Look, I wanted to apologise. I know, I know- I did already. Yeah, a hundred times. I still don’t feel like I’ve finished though, you know?

I’m sorry. I… should never have left. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know why I did in the first place.

Don’t look at me like that. We both know I wasn’t exactly in my right mind. I was afraid of committing – even though the kids were already there. That ship had sailed.

And I’m even more sorry it took me so long to come back.

Why didn’t I? Because… because it felt like I’d lose if I did. Yeah, I know. But with my dad yapping in my ear about how I “did the right thing” and that I was “too young to settle down”, I started to believe it. I thought I was better off.

What? No, no! I know it’s bollocks. I don’t feel like that now. You know I don’t talk to dad much anymore. 

Do you… think the kids have forgiven me? Were they old enough to realise? I’m serious.

Yeah, I know they were happy to see me, but do you think they wonder if I’m going to go away again?

I guess so. Aw, look at them. I miss when life was that simple. Bloody hell, your hands are freezing. Take these. No, it’s okay, I’m not cold.

Alright. Yeah, the first time I tried this, I don’t know what I was thinking. Christ, we were what, six months in? And I was like yeah, this’ll work. She’ll say yes. Sorted.

You made the right choice. Back then, I wasn’t someone any sane person should spend their life with. Didn’t seem like it from how I reacted, but that was exactly what I needed. Someone like you to come and knock me off my high-horse.

But I came crawling back, didn’t I? Took me getting away to realise how much I needed you, even back then. Three years on, and I’ve never looked back.

Hey, don’t cry. You’ve got mascara on.

Okay, I’ll make it quick. Whoops! Nearly went then. The floor’s bloody cold as well.

Right then. Ahem.

“Will you marry me?”

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