Daily #85: Drink water

This is a reminder – you probably need to drink more water. Take a second to grab a glass, or refill your water bottle. I’ll wait.

I love water. It makes up about 95% of what I drink. The rest is either fruit juice, hot chocolate, or alcoholic drinks on occasion. The main reason for my love of water, I think, is that I’ve never liked fizzy drinks. My parents never had a taste for them, and as I was quite fussy as a child, they were just one thing in a long list of foods and drinks which I dreaded trying. So I never did.

When I got older and more adventurous, I took the conscious decision not to try them – in case I liked them. From my experience as a lifelong vegetarian/pescatarian (I’ve never eaten meat), I know that it’s easier to avoid consuming something if you’ve never had it before. Therefore, I’ve still not tried Coca-cola.

When I eventually tried lemonade, I realised that it was the fizziness that I had a problem with. The bubbles were unfamiliar and burned my tongue and throat. This is the only fizzy drink I consume, but I only get it with vodka in it. Vodka and lemonade (and if I’m feeling fancy, some lime cordial) strikes a perfect balance for me between the ‘tastes good’ factor and the ‘gets me drunk’ factor. Other than fruity cocktails, that is pretty much all I like drinking in the way of alcohol.

Anyway, I digress. As well as my general dislike for most other drinks, I find water quenches my thirst better than any other drink. Sweating on a hot day? An ice-cold swig of water will relieve the heat faster than any other liquid, in my opinion. Something about it feels pure and straightforward – it’s not trying to be anything other than a hydrating drink.

Many people don’t like water. While I can’t understand it, I can see that if one’s used to drinking sugary drinks, then water can seem almost unpleasant in comparison, despite it having no definable taste. Despite this, being somewhat of a water connoisseur, I definitely notice taste differences between different brands of bottled water, or water from different houses’ taps.

I’m not sure whether it’s to do with how hard or soft the water is, or the supplier, or the quality of the bottles in which it’s kept – but there are definitely differences. For instance, Romy water sold at Lidl tastes like it’s full of chemicals. Nestle Pure Life is the ‘nicest’ water I’ve ever tasted, but I now refuse to drink it due to the controversy surrounding its sourcing methods.

In fact, I now avoid drinking bottled water altogether – instead, I drink from refillable water bottles that I have dotted around my home and at work. This is more economical, and better for the environment than buying endless bottles of water. Drinking mainly water also saves money when eating out, as in the UK they are legally obliged to offer tap water for free (I think).

I’ve just bought a beautiful new bottle from Chilly’s Bottles, which I’m very excited about – and will be putting to good use.

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