Daily #87: Flying away

Soon, this blog, and my Instagram, will become a bit of a travel blog. That’s because I’m going on holiday in a week!

I haven’t been abroad since summer last year, when we went to Alicante for a surprise one-night trip. As far as ‘proper’ holidays go, I went to Vienna in August 2018. We abandoned holidays for the most part in 2019 in favour of buying our house.

This holiday, therefore, has been a long time coming. We’re going on a week-long cruise around the Caribbean. My parents were the instigators – they were going to go on the cruise then asked if we wanted to come too (paying our share). We of course agreed, so we’re all going together. While it involves a trip from Heathrow to Miami to San Juan and back again – which I’m not overly looking forward to – it should be an amazing trip.

I went to Barbados when I was around 4/5 years old. I remember snippets of bathwater ocean and powdery sand, but not much else. My brother, now 16, wasn’t even born at that point. One of the stops is Barbados, so we’ll be going to visit all of the nostalgic points of interests we saw all that time ago.

We’ve never been on a cruise, and neither have my parents. But it seems like the best way to see the Caribbean islands – you hop off the boat, go and explore for the day, hop back on in the evening and wake up at the next location. And because of the location, it’s all full of gorgeous views, weather and beaches.

I’m not a huge fan of travelling – I like to be at home and surrounded by familiar scenery. That said, I’m definitely not turning my nose up at a holiday – I just don’t think I’m one of those people who could travel for months at a time. Therefore, a cruise ship seems like a great compromise – while I get to see a variety of different locations, our home base moves with us. There’s unlimited food all included in the package, so I know I’ll always have somewhere to eat, drink and sleep. That can’t be understated.

Because we have no faith in ourselves, when we booked the travel insurance for this trip we made sure to get the ‘cruise insurance’ add-on. This means that if we fail to board the ship when it leaves an island (entirely possible with our absent-mindedness), we can later claim for the cost of a hotel for the night, and for the cost of transport to the next port.

Of course, I need to do something about my daily bog. What with travelling and general holiday-ing, I might find it hard to have time to write a blog each day. My plan is to pre-write and schedule a full set of blog posts to cover the week, just in case I end up with no time at all. Then, if I do get time to blog during the trip, I’ll just replace the next day’s post with what I write. Then, after I get back, my subsequent posts will recount the holiday. So it might be a couple of weeks before I write about my holiday.

In the meantime though, I intend to make the most of the scenery for my Instagram! So if you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing, you can follow me below.

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