Daily #90: Day off

I’m sick day two: electric boogaloo! I decided to take the day off today, as I felt like a zombie this morning, and knew I wasn’t going to be fit to do any work. In the interests of actually achieving something in the remainder of this week, I didn’t want to push myself too hard.

Mornings are always the worst when you’re ill. I always take my morning condition with a pinch of salt, as I know that once I’ve brushed my teeth and gotten dressed I’ll probably feel about ten times better. But there’s always a window where your head feels like it’s been stuffed full of cotton wool, your nose is leaking, and your throat feels like you’ve swallowed nails – and it could last forever.

I therefore haven’t been overly productive today. I spent the morning napping and browsing the internet mindlessly, then got up around midday to make myself some food. In the afternoon, I spent some time doing my makeup (which you can see on my Instagram) then made dinner when my partner got home from work. All in all, I would have preferred to do some more productive things, but I can’t win every day.

Unfortunately, my novel progress has ground to a halt at around 35,000 words. I can’t say why – I had to miss a day or so as I got caught up with writing blog posts and working on my social media – and I suppose I lost momentum. I’d like to get some more done, but preparing for our holiday is taking up pretty much all of our time, between packing and buying clothes. There’s also this cold, which is being a right royal pain. I think I got too complacent with my discipline – I took a Friday off, but then that spiralled into missing Saturday because I had a hangover, then Sunday because I was ‘busy’.

Hopefully, being able to lounge in the sun will give me a perfect time to write. I can’t envisage needing to do things all the time, so I think I’ll definitely be spending some evenings on the cruise ship, working on my draft. Fingers crossed!

In other news, my partner’s been having anxiety dreams about his Tesla – we’ve found out that it won’t be arriving until March rather than the promised February, so he’s starting to worry he won’t have a car if it’s delayed any more (his current car’s lease runs out in April). That sort of thing happens to me too – if something inconvenient has happened, I dream about it all being fixed, then wake up to disappointment. But if something good happens, I dream of how that situation could go wrong, and wake up highly stressed.

So I provide him with ‘it’ll come on time’s and ‘it’ll be fine’s and ‘we’ll manage’s, because there’s nothing more either of us can do.

I’ve just remembered that I need to try and finish proofing my friend’s novel in just a couple of days – before we go on holiday. I think I should get back to that.

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