Daily #91: Switch lite

I had quite an uneventful day today. I did make sure to go back to work – primarily because I have plenty to do before I go away next week. I’m finding somewhat that people have started asking me to do things that fall a little outside of what I believe to be my jurisdiction, so I’ll be discussing my workload with my manager tomorrow.

The aim for today was to go shopping and buy some swimwear and shorts. I met my partner in town and we made our way to a few of the popular shops. However, none of the stores had any summer clothes in stock. Although it’s quite early in the year, I assumed that they would have brought them in by now – but unfortunately, the shelves were still stocked with winter coats and a distinct lack of swimwear.

The only shop we could find that stocked them was a department store – and many of those were aimed at older women, so I ended up ordering the clothes online for next-day delivery.

I don’t usually like doing that if I can avoid it – with the impact on the environment, and the issues surrounding the fast fashion industry – but there wasn’t really a way around it now, as we fly on Saturday. It’s doubly bad since I wasn’t sure what size I was, so I had to order two sizes of each swimsuit, with the aim of sending back the ones that don’t fit.

After our failed shopping trip, we retreated to Costa and had some lunch, before heading back to work.

The other exciting thing that happened today was that I got a Switch lite! I’ve wanted a Switch of my own for a while, and since we’re going to go on a very long flight (around nine hours!), it’ll be great to have a console all to myself to burrow into. With that, and a book, I should be covered for the long-haul journey.

It’s also got that element of being a new thing, which is always very lovely. Along with my new water bottle and phone case, it feels like I’m swimming in new things! And my bank account has something to day about it.

It’s getting pretty difficult to come up with the words for today. It’s late, and my cold is not helping things – while I was well enough to go to work today, I’m definitely not 100% better. I’m just making sure I do enough work so that when I come back, I won’t have a ridiculous amount to catch up on.

I just remembered one more new thing – I ordered some replacement makeup for the holiday too. I needed some powder as I had literally none left, and thought I’d replace my foundation in the process. I also ordered a foundation that was one shade lighter than my current one, as I sometimes thing there’s a visible line between my face and neck. It doesn’t help that my skin is deathly pale.

Hopefully I’ll be a bit more lively tomorrow.

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