Daily #93: Conscious decision

Firstly, my phone displayed the post I did yesterday as posted four days ago. I didn’t realise this – I definitely published it yesterday. It posted the date as the 10th as that’s when I started drafting it.

Secondly, I’m writing this on my phone for reasons I’m about to explain, so apologies in advance for any errors or nonsense.

So, a few days ago when I talked about my imminent holiday, I said I was going to be writing and scheduling enough posts to fill the gap. Alas, the best laid plans and all that – due to general life business, I’ve not had the time to ‘pre-write’ ten posts. Therefore, unless I can write a post and publish it while I’m away, there won’t be any posts over my holiday.

While it’s not my ideal outcome, I’ve made a conscious decision to allow myself not to fret about keeping this blog going throughout my holiday. I’m anticipating there will be some amount of downtime anyway, wherein I’ll be working on my novel draft. And if there’s something specific to blog about, I will make a post whenever I can.

However, due to circumstances like the Wi-Fi being highly unreliable on the cruise, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to find the time. So if there isn’t a daily post for a couple of days, that’s why.

I think this will affect me the most – there aren’t a huge amount of people who read my posts every single day, as they’re not really that interesting. As I’ve said before, this is mostly an exercise for myself in commitment, which I think I’ve done a good job at so far.

I intend for normal service to resume the day I get back – and I’ll hopefully have plenty to talk about when that happens, too.

In other news, I finally finished proofing my friend’s novel today. While I was happy to do it and found it interesting, I’m glad that there’s one long-term task removed from my regular list of to-dos. Overall, I’m glad I did it – it was good practice for when I line-edit my own novel draft, and in observing my friend’s writing style, I found things I both liked and didn’t like. Both will prove useful to me during my novel edits.

Anyway, I’m writing this on my phone because it’s been non-stop for the past few days. We’ve been packing up, doing last-minute clothes orders and shopping trips, and generally rushing about trying to get everything sorted. Fortunately, I think we’re pretty much there now, with two suitcases and two rucksacks all packed. Now all that’s left to do is get both of us to the airport in the morning before our flight leaves. I’m sure we’ll manage!

If, by any chance, anyone misses this blog while I’m gone, I’d suggest checking out my Instagram which I’ll link below. I’ll be putting regular updates up on my story, and making posts when I can. I think it’s about time I went on a proper holiday.