Daily #94: Normal service

I’m back!

First things first, I was correct to take a break for my holiday. During the trip, there were multiple days when I wouldn’t have been able to get a blog post out, and I would have resented myself for it. So, being the unprepared person that I was (with no posts lined up), I was right to release myself from the commitment for a week.

I’m back in the saddle now though! I’m going to keep going to 100 posts and beyond, and see how I feel about it after having a break.

In other news, my holiday was really great. There was a lot of sun, sea and sand, as well as a wonderful cruise ship with all the free, unlimited food I could want. Each day, we visited a different Caribbean island, and got to explore for the day before getting back on the boat for the evening.

The travelling was intense – though I’ll address that in another post, I think. It was my first long-haul trip since I was literally five years old, and I wasn’t a big fan.

The cruise ship was a destination in itself – there were bars, restaurants, a pool and water slides, as well as plenty of space for lounging in the sun. Inside, there was a very 90s-looking area called the Atrium:

I think the thing I liked most about the Caribbean, and the thing which sets it apart from closer beach locations like around the Mediterranean, is the sea. While in places like Majorca, you can enjoy the beach and have a little paddle, the sea is often so full of seaweed and murky that it’s not tempting to go in much deeper than your shins.

The Caribbean Sea is crystal clear, and so warm. I’m not a beach person at all, but whenever we stopped at our ports, I’d try and get into the water at some point. The water is this cartoon blue, and what struck me is that it wasn’t just clear at the beaches – even against the rough rocks of the sea wall, it was clear enough that I wouldn’t mind getting in. We went out on a jet-ski at one point, and even when we were many metres from shore, there wasn’t a sliver of seaweed in the water. Swimming in it was like being in a bath when you’ve left the water to sit for a bit too long. The temperature wasn’t warm, but once you were in it, it felt warm.

That’s not a beach. That’s just the dock. It looks like a pool.

Getting to have a look at those seas was the highlight of the trip for me. That, and the fact that the cruise ship supplied unlimited, free breakfast burritos. I could go back as many times as I wanted, and I had far too many.

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening just chilling out. I might try and do some more of my novel draft, to get back into it after this break I’ve had.

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