Daily #96: Flash fiction #3

Another competition entry! This time, I placed second in the competition, which I’m really happy about. I enjoyed writing this piece as I could personally identify with it, to an extent. The prompt this week was “write a story about a seed growing in an unlikely place”. Hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome.

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Daily #72: Flash fiction #1

Today’s post is going to be a piece I wrote for the last competition in the Writer’s Block community! I really enjoyed writing this piece, and explored a topic I’ve discussed before in this blog. I think some day I’d like to publish a short story, but I’m going to keep practicing the craft before I do.

The prompt we were provided with was “write a story about a gift”. It had a 750 word limit. Though I didn’t place in the competition, I got some really good feedback on it and felt I learned a lot. Enjoy!

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Daily #63: Buying beer

Today I’m doing something new: writing from a prompt. I’ve done a few prompt responses in the past, but never on this blog! Just some forewarning – I’m writing this yesterday as I’ll be busy all evening tonight. Also, I’ve done very minimal planning for this so it is essentially a freewriting exercise.

This prompt is from Peter Wyn Mosey, a freelance writer and blogger, who posts short stories, poetry, and really interesting articles. Check him out! The prompt link is here.

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Cured Meats

This piece is a few years old, but it’s special because it’s the first piece I ever published online. I put it on reddit on another account – I’m not going to link it, but I’ve put a link to this site in the post itself as proof I’m not plagiarising anything. It’s a bit strange, but it was received well there so I’m just popping it up here!

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Daily #39: Lazy, unrelated

Yet again, I’ve left this obligation too late in the day. It’s been quite busy; I spent the morning recovering from yesterday evening’s get-together, we then went out for a meal, and discussed finances in the evening. It appears there’ll be exciting developments in our household soon!

Therefore, I’ve dug up another older piece I wrote when I did writing for video game worlds. As per the ‘Gods’ piece, it’s quite heavy in the fantasy elements, but I thought it was imaginitive. Enjoy.

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